First Time Home Buyers

The excitement of buying your first home or Whistler condo can also become overwhelming. The knowledge and strategic planning required for buying your first home is complex, especially with homeowner insurance, inspections, deposits, down payments, financing and surprising additional costs. All this can turn what should be an exciting moment into a stress-filled one. That’s where I come in.

Homes and Whistler Condos for Sale for First Time Homebuyers

My process for first time homebuyers and Whistler condos for sale buyers is designed to turn you into a savvy and excited homebuyer. It includes a number of elements to guide you through the process:

1. Financing

Securing financing is the first and most critical part of the process. I walk you through the process to make sure your financing matches your short- and long-term real estate goals. We will discuss the difference between the mortgage you can be approved for (based on your credit, income, employment, down payment, etc.) and what you can safely afford to live on based on your current budget (these can be two different things!). We will also add into that strata fees for those buying Whistler condos for sale. Then you can confidently pursue a mortgage pre-approval from your bank or mortgage broker (brokers can use bulk negotiating to get you lower rates than most banks…for free) I work with regularly.

2. Finances

In addition to your mortgage you will also have property taxes, home maintenance costs or strata fees, and a need for emergency funds. Let’s plan for this in advance to help keep you in the clear. If you’re buying one of the Whistler condos for sale part of the maintenance costs will be included in your strata fees.

3. Wants vs Needs

It is always my goal to get my clients all their needs—and as many of their wants as possible. Together we will help decide what are your need-to-haves and what you would like to have. We can then work with your list while viewing properties to decide what you can afford to buy, and what ‘wants’ you can add to the home in the future (and what they will add to the home’s overall value).

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Below are some additional, important recourses to help you learn more about the first time home buying process:


Property Types to Consider

There are three distinctive types of properties in Whistler that first time buyers should understand and consider—residential, resident restricted and Whistler Housing Authority. These can vary between houses, townhouses and Whistler condos for sale.

Residential properties can be lived in full-time, or rented out on a long-term basis (monthly, or a 1-year lease for example). There are no restrictions on ownership or value. A one bedroom residential property in Whistler costs an average of $250,000 (Ex. Gondola Village, June 2015).

Resident restricted / employee housing properties have a covenant registered on title stating that they must be occupied by an employee or retiree of Whistler. They are designed to create affordable housing in Whistler, you get ‘more for your money’ than an open-market comparable. There is no price restriction. A one bedroom resident restricted property in Whistler costs an average of $230,000 (Ex. Nordic Court, June 2015).

Whistler Housing Authority (WHA) properties are resident and price restricted. Purchasers must first make an application to the WHA waitlist. Appreciation on the property (maximum resale value) is based on the Canadian Consumer Price Index which is calculated by the Bank of Canada. For more information visit


Helpful Website Links

To help you begin your jounry to becoming a well-informed first time homebuyer, I have created the below list of helpful websites. These include first time homebuyer programs, credits and assistance.

Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP)
Program that allows you to withdraw up to $25,000 from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs)

Property Transfer Tax
The First Time Homebuyer’s Program was created by the Government of British Columbia. It exempts first time home buyers from having to paying property transfer tax as long as the purchase price is below the current threshold ($475,000 as of 2014).

First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit
A non-refundable tax credit based on an amount of $5,000 and worth up to $750 for 2009.

Home Loans Canada
Mortgage information and calculator.

CMHC, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Useful homebuyer information and reference material.

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