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Amber Mann

Amber Mann

Summer Update

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As a property owner, you are aware that Whistler is a unique, vibrant, year-round resort community. A clear vision, executed through a strong plan, has created a mountain resort like no other in North America. However, there is always room for a change in our vision and plan as we move forward successfully from the Olympics.

All of Whistler’s major stakeholders are currently strategizing on the next steps to ensure that Whistler continues to deliver on its promise. We, at Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. believe it is important, if not mandatory, that you, the property owner, be able to participate in this process.

The community vision is currently outlined in Whistler 2020, It’s Our Future, a document based on community input. Over the next year the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) will be reviewing the Official Community Plan (OCP) for the first time in 17 years, to determine how it will incorporate the 2020 vision into future land use policies. These two documents will chart the path of the “Whistler of Tomorrow”. Coinciding with this, Tourism Whistler, The Whistler Chamber of Commerce, and Whistler-Blackcomb Intrawest are all re-strategizing to deal with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges as related to Whistler’s economic viability.

Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. in conjunction with One Whistler and the Association of Whistler Area Realtors would like to communicate the thoughts of the property owners of Whistler (specifically, the second homeowners) to the RMOW and to the major community stakeholders so that they can be incorporated into the new OCP and new strategies that will benefit everyone.

Attached you will find a short survey, and we ask that you please take a few moments to complete. Once we have received sufficient responses, we will summarize the responses and present them both in executive form and as raw data to the stakeholders for their consideration.


Your thoughts and input are extremely important to us and to Whistler. If you feel you know someone who is a property owner and would like to participate please feel free to forward this to them.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me.

Thank you for your time to be involved in this important initiative.

Market Report

Bring on summer

After a predictable slowdown in real estate activity throughout Whistler and Pemberton following the Olympics, inquiries and sales activity in terms of both number of sales and value of sales improved dramatically to show an 18 per cent increase in total sales, and a 63 per cent increase in total value from a year earlier.

Average values stayed steady however, as the total number of properties available for purchase increased significantly.

Opportunities for buyers are at their highest level in almost 20 years. Given the flat value profile and the steadily increasing interest in Whistler (rental bookings and seasons pass sales are well ahead of last year) this may be one of the great “buy” opportunities for Whistler.

Whistler Sales 2007 – 2010

  07 08 09 10
$ (000) # Sales $ (000) # Sales $ (000) # Sales $ (000) # Sales
Q1 185,617 174 145,424 175 47,384 67 66,627 81
Q2 221,026 230 125,623 151 69,833 109 108,256 128
Total 406,643 404 271,047 326 108,217 176 174,983 209

Whistler Average Values June 30, 2010:

Single Family Condominium Townhouse Land
$1,596,341 $452,977 $815,289 $1,007,360

Feature Story

Whistler – Planning the Community Together

When people think of Whistler they usually conjure up images of a happening ski resort with a busy village, shopping galore and sizzling hot nightlife.

Okay, that may be an accurate description of the resort side of life, but Whistler is also a real community with a diverse population of full-time residents who genuinely care about the development and evolution of their pretty mountain town.

During the next year, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) will update the town’s Official Community Plan (OCP) in a process largely determined by Whistler residents themselves.

The OCP is essentially a plan for the community including a set of high-level policies, such as land-use designations, that guide land-use planning, social, economic and environmental policies and civic infrastructure investments. It is also a regulatory document required by the British Columbia Local Government Act. The last comprehensive OCP update occurred more than 18 years ago, and Whistler has certainly changed and matured since then – becoming an international household name.

“This document may be the single most important legislation to be developed in Whistler this decade in terms of determining Whistler’s future and we hope everyone will get involved” states Whistler Real Estate Company president Pat Kelly.

The update is kicking off with a series of community engagement initiatives designed to allow residents to help determine the direction the community will take in the future.

Some suggestions already put forward by residents involve “spot zoning” to encourage a more diverse business economy, adding more non-sport options for high school students as well as several new business initiatives.

We at Whistler Real Estate Co. believe that the property owners, and particularly the 2nd home community need to be part of this important process. Look for our survey asking for your thoughts on Whistler shortly in your email in-box.

For more information on how to get involved please see whistler2020.ca, whistler2010.com and the RMOW’s website, whistler.ca.

Take an ArtWalk in Whistler

Artwalkadsum2010Along with world-class athletes, Whistler attracts more than its fair share of talented artists and artisans, and you can discover a lot of their works just by strolling through the Village right now.

Until August 31, the Whistler Arts Council presents its annual ArtWalk program where local works of painting, photography, multi-media, pottery and jewelry can be found in unorthodox host “galleries” throughout the Village including hotels, cafes, restaurants and retail outlets.

The opening reception starts July 9th at the Whistler Real Estate Office For more info go to whistlerartscouncil.com.

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