What a Realtor Does – Working With a Buyer

             The process of assisting a purchaser involves a multitude of tasks that must be performed by the real estate agent to ensure that the buyer gets both timely and helpful information that will assist him in making the right purchase decision and complete on the transaction successfully.

                In addition to ongoing education required as a professional, continual review and updating of macro and micro market conditions that will impact both the timing and type of decision the buyer may make, and ongoing information gathering. The agent will expend a significant amount of effort and time educating the buyer, locating the right property, negotiating the contract, administering the entire process, and communicating on an ongoing basis with the buyer from start to finish.

                 In addition to the sales representative time, Whistler Real Estate office administration staff assist the salesperson with a variety of tasks directly related to property access, ongoing communication, and administration of required paperwork through to completion.

                 A recent review of purchase transactions by a cross section of our sales team indicates that the typical transaction takes approximately 75 hours of direct time commitment. In addition, office and administration staff will commit 3-5 hours in assistance to each successful buyer.

                 Often this time commitment is spread over 1-2 years and often does not result in a successful result. In addition, we have made no estimate of hard costs such as phone, fuel/automobile, entertainment, and supplies that are a necessary part of the process.

                 A full service real estate agent will normally provide all of those functions in return for their commission. A review of the attached breakdown of services reflects the level of skill, knowledge, and attention to detail that today’s real estate transaction requires, and underscores the importance of having help and guidance from someone who fully understands the process – a Whistler Real Estate Company realtor.

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