Whistler Real Estate Mini-Guide

Date Posted: April 21, 2015

Here is The Whistler Real Estate Company’s most recent publication. This mini-guide provides an overview of some of the properties available for sale in Whistler and Pemberton.


Real Estate Market Update – Whistler

Date Posted: March 18, 2015

We have seen some amazing, spring-like conditions so far this March in both Whistler and Pemberton. Nevertheless, the real estate market continues to move along at a steady rate.

February 2015 saw a 12% increase over the number of sales we saw in January, 2015 but there was a small drop in the number of transactions in February 2015 when compared to February 2014. This is likely due to a lower than usual inventory levels – lack of choice for buyers rather than lack of interest from buyers.

Also as a result of this lack of listings, prices are trending upwards. Median prices in Whistler are currently being reported as:

  • Chalet: $1,400,000
  • Townhome: $637,500
  • Condo: $419,000

These median prices paint the local market in very broad strokes and there is lots of variation within the many sub-markets of these main property type segments. As a result, it is important to make sure that you understand the dynamics of your particular area of interest before you buy or sell.

In some segments of the market we are now seeing properties that are priced correctly selling quickly under multiple offers for over the asking price! This is something we have not experienced in Whistler for some time. If you have been thinking of selling, right now may just be the right time.

For buyers, there is limited inventory available so it is important for buyers to be ready to make the decision when they find the right property. Delaying too long is resulting in lost opportunities for some potential buyers. That said, there are many fantastic opportunities currently on the market.

If you have any questions about the state of the real estate market or about how your particular segment of the market is doing, contact me and would be happy to provide you with more information.

*All Stats Based on Whistler Listing System Statistics March 17, 2014

Picture Perfect Pemberton Acreages

Date Posted: March 3, 2015

Five stunning Pemberton Acreages with Captivating Mountain Views

Imagine waking up and looking out your window to lush green fields and picturesque mountain views. There is no place like the Pemberton Valley if you are looking for your own piece of paradise framed by rolling hills, towering mountains, rushing rivers, and pristine nature.

To view current Pemberton listings, click here.

1. 1516 Fraser Road – An equestrians delight

Follow a leafy country lane to this idyllic 10 acre horse farm.

1516 Fraser Road Pemberton 1

Every room in this home offers stunning mountain views.

1516 Fraser Road Pemberton 2

And outside, what could be better than lush green grass and Mount Currie on a warm blue-sky summer day? More >>

1516 Fraser Road Pemberton 3

2. 1100 Arn Road – A stunning 51 acre property

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

Enjoy your morning coffee as you look out over the water or gaze up to imposing views of Mount Currie and the surrounding mountains. This property combines the best of everything. More >>

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

3. 9748 Pemberton Meadows Road – 171 Acres pristine acres

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

Nestled amidst towering cedars, this property offers views of rolling hills and distant mountain ranges, river frontage, and waterfalls. More >>

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

4. 7370 Harrow Road – Panoramic views and year-round sun

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

Sitting on 55 acres of stunning Pemberton farmland, this home looks out to green fields stretching to the tree line where mountain meets earth. More >>

5. 1414 Pemberton Farm Road – A perfectly situated estate property

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

Pemberton Acreage Chalet For Sale Real Estate Amber Mann

Sit by your pool in this sun-drenched Pemberton location and look up to the peaks of Mount Currie or across the perfectly manicured lawns complete with putting green. More >>

SOLD! 8601 Lauren Woolstencroft Way

Date Posted: February 15, 2015

A Spectacular View Lot in Baxter Creek, Whistler

Baxter Creek Vacant Land sold Amber Mann Whistler Real Estate

This 8,100 square foot lot has east to west panoramic views stretching from Mount Currie to Black Tusk. Featuring all day sun exposure like no other neighbourhood in Whistler, Baxter Creek offers a Residents’ Club with a private owner’s pool, a hot tub, and a fire pit – you can swim, relax, and barbeque with your neighbours.

This property was listed for $849,000 and sold for 99% of the asking price.

“This is the second time we have closed a Whistler transaction with Amber as our Realtor and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service she provides – above and beyond professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail!.” – Debbie Lloyd, Seller of 8601 Lauren Woolstencroft Way.

The market has improved. If you are curious about your home’s value in today’s market, want more information about this sale or similar listings, or would like an update on market conditions, contact me today!



2014 Year In Review

Date Posted: January 23, 2015

Real Estate Market Report – Whistler & Pemberton

Now that we are past the half way point of January 2015, it is time to take a brief look back. There is no doubt that there were some significant highlights in 2014 – locally, professionally and personally. It seems that every year there are great new and returning events and activities to keep us all busy. From the return of the Pemberton Music Festival to the always fantastic Whistler Film Festival and everything in between, it really was a year to remember.

In terms of real estate, the news is all good! Lets first look at Whistler and then we will turn our attention to Pemberton.


In 2014, the real estate market in Whistler experienced its highest levels of activity since 2009. In fact, there was so much activity that we witness significant drops in both the number of properties that are available for sale and the time it takes for listings to sell in most, but not all, market segments.

When compared to 2013, there was a 15% increase in total number of real estate sales reported by the Whistler Listing System. With a total value of $535 Million, we have hit a record high since 2007.

Overall, the Whistler real estate market continued to be dominated by the townhouse and condominium sectors which accounted for about 70% of the transactions that occurred in 2014 and both experienced dramatic increases in activity when compared to 2013.

Here is a breakdown of some stats by market segment:

Condominiums – The average sale price for condominiums experienced a 20% increase over 2013 and finished the year at $390,165.

Townhouses – In 2014, the average sale price for a townhome was $697,073. This is a 20% increase over 2013.

Chalets – Due to the lack of available inventory in lower price ranges, the average sales price for chalets rose almost 12% in 2014 and came in at $1,612,412. Although the number of sales in this market segment remains fairly stead from year to year, the average sales price a the end of 2014 reached the highest level since 2008.

Whistler Pemberton real estate sales stats townhome condo and house

Overall, purchasers of real estate in Whistler continue to focus on finding properties that meet both their lifestyle and budget requirements and the majority of sales (over 78%) occur at a price point below $1,000,000.

Moving forward in 2015, I expect that we will see continuing interest in the Whistler real estate market. However, we will probably experience a slowing in the number of sales due to the lack of available inventory. This may also result in an increase in prices in some market segments where demand is high.

If you have considered selling this may just be the right time.


In 2014, the Pemberton real estate market experienced a strong resurgence with lots of interest in Village properties, acreages, and rural opportunities. As a result, the market experienced the highest number of sales we have seen since 2008. In turn, this means that the market is currently seeing a significant reduction in the number of properties available for sale and, if properties are priced correctly, a reduction in the amount of time it takes to sell.

When compared to 2013, the total number of transactions in Pemberton for 2014 increased by 50% and reached the highest number of sales since 2008. Although a lot of this can be attributed to the new development in the Village, all segments of the market still demonstrate strong improvements in activity when we remove the new development from the equation.

Average values in Pemberton also experienced an increase of 3.5% when compared to 2013.

Here is a breakdown of some stats by market segment:

Condominiums – This market segment remained largely unchanged in 2014. The average sale price ended the year at $187,814.

Townhomes – With an increase of 13% over 2013, the average sales price for a townhome in 2014 was $312,080.

Detached Homes – Averaging out at $504,000, detached homes actually experienced a drop in average sales price by about 4% when compared to 2013.

There are currently no plans for new developments, buyers of Pemberotn real estate will need to focus their attention on existing property. With lower inventory levels currently available on the market, this should force some upward movement in prices in 2015.

 My Year in 2014

In 2014 I am so happy to have completed a total of 46 ends. I helped 24 different buyers and 22 sellers with their real estate transactions. Here is a summary of my successes so far this year:

Whistler Pemberton real estate sales townhome condo and house

If you have been thinking of buying or selling in Whistler or Pemberton, it is important to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information about your particular area of interest. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

All statistics based on reported sales in the Whistler Listing System – January 2015


Whistler Real Estate: The Magazine

Date Posted: December 13, 2014

Here is The Whistler Real Estate Company’s most recent publication. This full edition of our winter 2015 magazine provides an overview of some of the properties available for sale in Whistler and Pemberton. As well as neighbourhood information, recent sales, a market report, and more!

If you have any questions about this publication, or a specific property you see that interestes you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The Whistler Real Estate Mini-Guide

Date Posted: September 3, 2014

Here is Whistler Real Estates most recent publication. This mini-guide provides an overview of some of the properties available for sale in Whistler and Pemberton.

If you have any questions about this publication, or a specific property you see that interestes you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Getting Ready for Spring

Date Posted: April 16, 2014

Beautiful spring evening in Whistler village

Are you and your home ready for spring?

Spring has sprung in Whistler and as the snow and ice melt away, it is time to turn your attention to your home and get ready for spring. For your convenience, I have compiled a list of small tasks that have big impact to give your home a mini-facelift for spring.

Outdoor Maintenance

  1. Lighting – Clean all light fixtures and replace all burnt-out lights with energy-saving bulbs.
  2. Decks/Patios – Power wash and, if necessary, refinish and repaint your decks and patios.
  3. Outdoor Furniture – Pull your outdoor furniture out of storage, making sure to wipe it all down. Spray a fresh coat of paint on furniture and replace any worn cushions.
  4. Garden Hoses & Faucets – Check all garden hoses for holes and ensure that no damage occurred to faucets as a result of freezing during the winter.
  5. Grill – Clean and condition your grill so that it is ready at a moments notice for your first BBQ.
  6. Windows – While you have your power washer out, this is the perfect time to wash your windows.
  7. Firewood – Move any firewood that you have stocked into storage areas, at least 18 inches off the ground and 2 feet from your home.
  8. Door – Give your door some love with a fresh coat of pain. Polish the hinges and door knobs, and make sure that your doorbell works.
  9. Walkway – Snow, salt, and cold can wreak havoc on your walkways and driveways so take this time to patch any cracks and replace loose bricks/pavers. A good power-washer can make a world of difference.
  10. Gutters – Clear your gutters and downspouts before the spring rains.
  11. Clean & Repair – Clear away cobwebs, tighten wobbly railings, and repaint posts and supports if necessary.

Indoor Maintenance

  1. Furnace / HVAC System – If you have reusable filters, remove them and wash them down with a hose. Otherwise, you should replace them to ensure that your system is as efficient as possible.
  2. Air Conditioning – Test your AC system and make sure it is in working order. If you wait until the first hot day and discover it doesn’t work, it will be much more difficult to find someone to fix it.
  3. Windows – Wash all your windows and replace or repair all damaged screens.
  4. Smoke Detectors / Fire Alarms – Replace batteries and clean out the dust from around the covers.
  5. Humidifiers – Clean and store any humidifiers so they are ready to pull out next fall/winter.
  6. Carpets – Deep cleaning your carpets with a steam cleaner is a spring cleaning must.
  7. Refrigerator / Freezer – If you have a coil-back refrigerator, you should vacuum the coils at least twice a year for maximum efficiency. Defrost your freezer and wipe down the interior and exterior of both appliances. For maximum freshness, place a new box of baking soda in the fridge.

Garden Maintenance

  1. Make a plan – Think about what you want in your garden before you get started and make sure that you have everything you need on hand.
  2. Garden Tools – Pull all of those garden tools out of storage and make sure all blades are sharp and ready to use.
  3. Lawnmower – Make sure your lawnmower is in working order and, if necessary, take it in for a service.
  4. Clear Leaves – Clear away any leaves leftover from fall. A think blanket of leaves can smother emerging perennials.
  5. Weeds and Prep – Pull any weeds that have sprouted and fertilize and/or put down a layer of compost or composted manure on your gardens. Get out your large pots or other containers, clean them, and put them in place so they are ready to be filled. A well placed pot or hanging basket not only ads colour but can also hide any unattractive aspects of your house or yard.
  6. Pruning – Prune and trim any deadwood or winter-damaged limbs from shrubs and trees. Remove any obstructive plants and overgrown shrubbery.
  7. Starting Seeds – Now is the time to get some seed started indoors. Place them in windows with bright, but not too intense, light.

Take a lookie, have a cookie

Date Posted: April 3, 2014


Getting your home ready to sell or living in your home while it is on the market?

If you want to make your home look like it is worth every penny, putting your home’s best foot forward is a must. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Depersonalize – Let potential buys picture themselves living in your home by removing all family photos. Let your home be a warm, but blank canvas by repainting brightly coloured walls a more neutral shade and simplifying quirky decorating.
  2. De-clutter – Get rid off personal items, nick-nacks, mail piles, etc. Store toys, work supplies, TV remotes, pet beds, etc. out of sight.
  3. Check for deficiencies – You don’t want torn screen, cracked plaster, or burnt out lights to tarnish potential buyer’s impression of your home. Take some time to check that your home is in tip-top shape.
  4. Think of scale – Your living room may have a huge, comfortable sofa that you adore, but if it makes the room look small then it has to go. Move extra furnishings into storage so that each room has a good balance of furniture whiteout being too cluttered, or too empty. Aim for small groupings of furniture that match the scale of your room and have lots of room to move around them.
  5. Clear the kitchen – Clear all the clutter off of your kitchen counters and clean, clean, clean. Store all small appliances out of sight, out of mind. Keep a single bowl of fruit or vase holding utensils and that is about it. Make sure stove tops, counters, and all other surfaces are clean.
  6. Simple Updates – If you are a little handy, make some simple updates to improve the look of your home. A handy person can add a gorgeous backslash in the kitchen with low budget. Repaint or refinish worn cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Add some splash by replacing boring bathroom mirrors with a nice, simple framed one.
  7. Clean – Hire a professional cleaner to come in and do a deep clean of your home. If you will be living in your home while it is on the market, make sure to do a surface clean before all showings. Spritz your home sparingly with a nice scent or open windows for fresh mountain air.
  8. Fresh linens – Make sure all visible linens (tea towels, chair cushions, oven mitts, bedding, etc.) look brand new and hung or folded nicely.
  9. Bedrooms – Tidy all bedrooms. Make sure beds are made, side tables are de-cluttered, toys are put away. Add some new pillows, crisp white linens, and/or a throw at the end of the bed.
  10. Curb Appeal – The outside of your home should look as great as the inside. In winter, make sure you have shoveled and cleared ice. In the summer, trim bushed, care for your landscaping, add an urn of seasonal flowers, clean windows, and fix up the exterior paint.
  11. Stand back and let it shine – If you are living in your home while it is on the market, take your kids and/or pets to the park, or step out for a coffee with friends during showings.

Take some inspiration from the seller of my listing at #3 Landings. Ashlie really knows how to go the extra mile and made some fresh baked cookies for a showing this afternoon!

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