Spring has Sprung

April showers bring May flowers – This old saying is certainly true in Whistler this year where the recent run of warm weather and sunshine has everyone in the mood for summer.


The transition from winter wear to summer t-shirts is relatively fast in Whistler and it is not just the people who clean out their closets and pack away the winter gear to bring on summer. As you walk to Village Stroll around this time of year, you will also notice that stores who used to sell/rent skies and boards are getting ready to pack them away and are now putting out their bikes. Where the local newspapers used to list advertisements for snow clearing, you now find those same companies offering gardening, landscaping, and excavation. This town really is a tale of two seasons where everyone has something to offer all year round.

Most notably, Whistler Mountain has closed down its ski runs, packed away its winter gear, and is ready to open for Mountain Biking tomorrow! Where we used to wake up to the sounds of avalanche bombing in the alpine, we now hear the lawn mowers buzzing as everyone starts to prepare their yards, gardens, and planting boxes for summer.

As locals, we can all point to something that signals spring for us – it could be a festival (like the World Ski & Snowboard Festival), it could be the skunk cabbage blossoming, or it could be that annual clean-out that has us putting away the winter boots and pulling out the flip-flops. What is it that signals spring to you? Follow me on Facebook, Google+, or twitter and share your spring thing.

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