Selling Tips & Expenses

Selling Tips

Selling your home in the Whistler real estate market is an exciting (and emotional!) time. There are a number of tips I offer my clients to make the process easier, raise the value of their home and improve their home’s marketing methodology, and I am offering them to you. Contact me to put these tips into action!

Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly in the Whistler Real Estate Market- And for a Healthy Price

To help your home sell for a healthy price, and in the timeframe that you need, consider the below home-selling tips:

1. First Impressions

Selling your home to buyers is like a courtship. It won’t make it past the first date (first showing) if it doesn’t make a good impression. To make the ideal first impression you will want to depersonalize your home, as people want to buy a house—not someone else’s home. You also need to declutter as much as possible. Maintaining an odour-free home is critical, as is staging it to maximize the space. One of the most significant impacts in an excellent first impression is cleaning—so scrub every surface, remove stains, and overall clean it from top to bottom. You should also make all those minor repairs that might have been on your honey-do list for a while.

2. Professional Photography

The difference between snapping some pictures on your iPhone and professional-grade images is night and day. Professional images make a huge difference in the number of appointments you will have on your home. Without more foot traffic you won’t get the offers needed to sell your home, or create a competitive bidding situation.

3. Leverage your Neighbours

Your neighbours will probably love the idea of choosing their new neighbour. Perhaps they have a close friend or family member in the market and will send them your way. Leveraging your neighbours can be accomplished by inviting your neighbours over for a short open house.

4. Facebook It

Most of us have Facebook, and the average person has over 200 ‘friends’. Putting my website link to your listing on your Facebook profile and other social media can drive a significant amount of traffic to your listing. Bonus points if you ask people to share it with their friends.

5. Be Available

While being available for showings is critical, many homeowners don’t want to be out of their home and keep it spotless on a regular basis. Without this however, your home won’t sell for as much as it could or as quickly as it could.

6. Competitive Upgrades

Keeping an eye on the competition is critical—as is beating them. To sell for top dollar your home needs to be better than the competition, so make the upgrades necessary to improve the competitive value.

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Selling Expenses

Selling a home can be a lucrative venture, however it needs to be executed properly—and with eyes wide open about the costs involved. Unexpected costs can turn a profitable venture into a costly affair. So, be sure to calculate the expected fees into the Whistler real estate market transaction, and incorporate that into your pricing and/or budget.

The various selling costs that you can expect to encounter include:

  • Real Estate Commission (plus 5% GST)
  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Accounting fees
  • Adjustments for expenses (property taxes, strata fees, etc.)
  • Pre-payment penalty on a mortgage
  • Taxable capital gain for investment properties

For more information on selling tips for the Pemberton and Whistler real estate markets – contact me today for a chat.

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