“Selling a house is like back country ski touring—you need to make the right moves
and have a good sense of direction,”
Amber Mann.

My mission is to not only demystify the selling process for real estate Whistler, but also to empower my clients to make informed moves with the right information. Well-informed decisions in real estate are like having a good sense of direction in the mountains, let my strategy be your guide.


My Home-Selling Approach for Real Estate Whistler

The process I developed to smoothly move my clients through the selling cycle was built over years of practice. This multifaceted approach will help you reduce anxiety and feel confident throughout the sale of your home.

1. Property Valuation

Like many agents, I offer a free market evaluation – however my comprehensiveness goes the extra mile when it comes to real estate Whistler. By pulling from a large selection of comparables that includes recently sold properties, properties that were listed and didn’t sell, along with current market trends I can more accurately assess the value of your home.

2. Timeline

Pricing isn’t the sole motivator for selling your home of course, which is why discussing your timeline is a crucial part of my process. Your selling timeline needs to fit your current and upcoming life events, in addition to the housing market. Together we determine the best time for you to sell your home.

3. Marketing

There is much more to selling Whistler real estate than putting it on the WLS (Whistler Listing System) and posting a sign on the lawn. Powerful marketing is a critical step in selling your home for top dollar at the right time. My approach to marketing is multifaceted and customized to each client and their home. The marketing begins with staging your home properly and then conveying its strengths across the best-suited forms of media customized to the property.

4. Photography

While photography is part of Whistler real estate marketing—it is such an important aspect that I wanted to give it its own category. Professional photos vastly increase the number of showings and online ‘hits’ your home will get (which increases your chance of obtaining your asking price or a multiple offer situation). My team photographer leverages the best possible light to take quality photographs that perfectly highlight the best elements your home has to offer.

Take the first step to selling your Whistler real estate by contacting me for a comprehensive property valuation and market-competitiveness analysis.


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