Market Update: June 2016

The real estate markets in Whistler and Pemberton continue to chug along at a busy pace. Here is a quick look at how things looked as we transitioned from May to June.

Although May 2016 was slower than April 2016 in terms of the number of sales, it was still busier than May 2015 (by 8%). Overall, we saw a total of 137 completed transactions in Whistler and Pemberton in April and 83 in May. The drop in sales in May as compared to April can likely be attributed to the ‘shoulder season’ as opposed to a change in market conditions.

As of the end of May 2016 there had been a total of 576 reported transactions in Whistler and Pemberton year-to-date. At the same time last year there had only been 360. This translates to a 60% increase year over year.

The total value of all transactions in 2016 as of the end of May was 90% higher than last year.

In Whistler, overall average prices are up 11.6% since the start of the year (based on reported sales). Single family homes sit at $2,081,243. Towhomes are at $945,208, Condos are at $408,060. Vacant Lots are at $1,245,639.

Largely due to the new Tiyata development in Pemberton, we saw a 60% increase in activity; however, overall average prices are down slightly. This is primarily due to a shift in buyer focus, with a heavy emphasis on lower priced lots. That said, prices are up across all of the major housing categories.

As reported by the Whistler Listing System, June 2016

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