Property Types

There are many different types of property in Whistler and something to fit every budget. Let me help you decide which type of property works best for you.


Residential properties are for personal use or can be rented out on a monthly, seasonal or an annual basis (considered long term).

Resident Restricted

Resident restricted properties are residential properties with a covenant on title that states they must be occupied by someone employed in Whistler, including retirees from those positions.

Rental Properties

There are two types of rental properties that can be rented out on a weekly or nightly basis. They have rental covenants registered on title by the Municipality and are called Phase I and II.

Phase I

Phase I properties allow unrestricted owner usage. The owner may live in the property full time or rent it out short/long term. If an owner chooses short-term rentals, they can either utilize a rental management company of their choice or self manage the property. These properties tend to be condo or townhouse style complexes. They are generally located in the Village, Blackcomb Benchlands and Creekside areas.

Phase II

Phase II properties are freehold with a municipal covenant registered on title that restricts owner usage to 28 days in the summer and 28 days in the winter. The remainder of the year the property is managed through an on-site rental management company. These properties tend to be hotel-style and in the Village or Benchlands core areas. Most of the well-known hotels brands such as the Delta, Pan Pacific, Westin and Four Seasons are Phase II properties.

Quarter Share

Quarter-share properties are freehold with title to your quarter of the property. Usage is one week per month for a total of 13 weeks per year with one Christmas period every four years. There is a set rotational calendar to enable you to plan ahead. If you do not use your suite, the rental management company may rent it out on your behalf. Quartershare ownership works best for those who live in the Pacific Northwest area and are planning to come to Whistler often.

Tenth Share

Tenthshare properties are freehold title to your tenth of the property. Usage is four planned weeks per year and unlimited access when the property is available. Rentals are not allowed but owners can allow friends and family to use their scheduled week.

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