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My goal is to turn all my home buyers of real estate in Whistler into educated decision makers that can navigate the home-purchasing process confidently and reasonably stress-free. To help guide you, I’ve developed a home-buying timeline that will educate you and ensure that you’re ready to move on to the next step with ease.

Real Estate in Whistler: The Home-Buying Process

By meticulously preparing all my home buyers for each stage of the process I can remove much of the mystery and worry. I’ll be right by your side each step of the way.

The standard stages of the real estate in Whistler home-buying process are:

1. Mortgage Pre-Approval & Financing

Understanding and being prepared for the financing stage is the first critical step in the process. In this stage a mortgage broker will help you determine the size of the mortgage that you can afford.  I will help you calculate additional costs like property taxes, legal fees, moving costs, home maintenance, repairs, etc. so that you are prepared for the extra costs that many people forget to consider. You will then discuss your mortgage options with your own bank and mortgage brokers (who leverage group purchasing power and can negotiate you a better rate—at no cost—than you’ll get from your own bank). By being pre-approved for a mortgage it lets sellers know that you’re a serious buyer.

2. Needs vs Wants

Once you have your mortgage pre-approval you will know the maximum amount that you can spend on real estate in Whistler. The next stage in the process will be deciding what are needs and what are wants. My goal is always to get my buyers everything they need—and as many ‘wants’ as possible within their price range.

3. Shopping

Here comes the fun part—viewing homes. By thoroughly combing through the behind-the-scenes WLS (Whistler Listing System) information and my extensive network of Realtor contacts I come up with a list of homes that may suit you. After advising you on the differences, benefits and drawbacks of each home, we narrow down the list and then we schedule viewings of the homes you’re interested in.

4. Offers

After we’ve found you the home of your dreams we make an offer based on up-to-date market trends and the value I estimate the home is worth. We will also decide on subject conditions (like being conditional on a home inspection or financing), your desired completion/possession date and any inclusions/exclusions (such as furniture in rental properties).

5. Negotiations

After we make an offer it will be accepted, rejected or countered (‘signed back’). From there we begin our real estate in Whistler negotiations. This stage is critical to making a smart investment, which is why I thoroughly inform you of current market conditions and advise you if we’re in a competitive-bidding situation with multiple offers.

6. Accepted Offer

Once the negotiations are complete, the seller will either have rejected the offer or accepted it. If it is rejected we go back to step three, if it is accepted we continue with legal paperwork and start your due diligence on the property.

7. Subject Removal

Contracts are written in favor of the buyer and there is a one to two week period where we do our due diligence with home inspections, finalize financing, and review the title search, property disclosure statement and strata documents, etc..  Once this is done, and if you decide to remove your subjects on the offer, it will become a legal and binding contract.

8. Deposit

A deposit is generally due within 48 hours of removing your subjects on the offer. The amount due is usually 5% and will be held in our Whistler Real Estate Company trust account before being transferred over to the lawyers to form part of your down payment.

9. Legal

You will want to setup a time with your real estate lawyer to sign the final documents for the legal transfer of the property.

10. Completion and Possession

Your completion date is when the property is legally transferred into your name and the funds are transferred to the seller. The date of possession, usually the day after completion, is when you get the keys to your new home.

11. Follow Up

I will be available throughout the entire buying real estate in Whistler process—and beyond. After you are moved into your new home I am still around for anything you need – from advice to recommendations for service providers to market updates. The next day or the next year, call me anytime.

For more information on this process or to discuss the current real estate market, contact me.

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