A Christmas Poem… slightly revised!

A local real estate lawyer’s office sent through revised version of a classic Christmas poem.  It tells a little story about the 2009 real estate market in our area. 

By Sarah Cunningham, Marketing Coordinator. Spagnuolo & Company Real Estate Lawyers

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house;
Not a lawyer was stirring, not even a single louse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
Tony sat by the fireplace, pen to paper for this prose;
He had time after all, with no more files to close;
His family was nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads;
Tony reflected on ’09, of events near and far;
Unlike any years past, he moved to the bar;
To describe the last 12 months, it started with such trouble;
He opened the vodka, and poured himself a double;
What a start it had been, unlike any years past;
What the heck happened, he wondered aghast;
The stock market in peril, no home buyers found;
Businesses forced to close, layoffs abound;
Tony stopped spending money, some staff said good bye
It was as far as it could be, from any kind of high;
We stressed the basics, our clients we would serve
To be a residential real estate law firm required some nerve.
But the market did turn, with interest rates so low
Inventories dried up, and Vancouver basking in Olympic glow
The second half of the year, promised a great return
We had to make up the money, which we earlier did burn
The market remains strong, the rates are still quite low;
Homes are still selling, Vancouver still expected to grow;
With a convention centre, Olympics and transit they call RAV,
People moving from afar, envy all that we have
But as Tony sat, he thought of the coming year 2010,
All of the good things, that will be happening then;
We start with the Olympics, a good time by all,
A postcard to the world, come have a ball;
Then the Stanley Cup, Tony a member of Blackhawks Nation
Could this be the year, for a Blackhawks celebration;
Then the World Cup of soccer, not much to say,
 Except Viva Italia, Italy all the way;
We did persevere, through the worst of times,
Although on occasion, it took several bottles of wine;
With the help of our partners, we made it through the grind,
With all your referrals, comes peace of mind;
Think of those less fortunate, those in a bad space,
What they would give, to be in our place;
So as you celebrate the Holiday Season, dressed in your finest rags,
Please remember these words, from the entire team at Spags;
We wish you all the best, for next year and beyond,
May your life be content, your heart full of song;
May your goals be achieved, your dreams come true,
That your days be merry, your troubles quite few;

Remember what is important, and what is not so dear,
Be blessed with the holiday spirit, for the entire year;

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